Tips For Starting Your New Business in 2015


Perhaps you make an hourly salary, getting someone else rich while you toil away. Maybe you feel like you are expert enough to be the boss. Or maybe you just want to have financial freedom and more freedom to spend time with your family.

Whatever the case, you’ve decided to be your own boss in 2015 and you need some advice.

I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to assist you on your quest for your new Columbus Ohio business.

1. Don’t wait until everything is perfect before you start.

Someone once said that a good plan implemented today is much better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow. As long as you have the framework in place, you should not be afraid to jump in. Fill in the gaps later. Don’t be the guy who always has the great ideas but never follows through. People don’t become successful because they executed everything perfect from day one. They’re successful because they had the balls to jump when everyone else was too afraid to. There are people in Columbus, Hilliard, Gahanna or Grove City who will.  Don’t wait too long or some other experts will take your place.

2. Find out who your target customers are and TARGET them.

The way you “package” your business will determine whether or not people know they want what you’re selling. The more successful you are at pinpointing your targeted customer, the better chances you are at knowing how to reach them. You can’t reach everyone, but you don’t need to if you effectively market to the specific consumer who would buy what you’re selling.

3. Get Customers.

Death to any new business is the expectation that people are going to simply come to you. This will not happen. OK, this may happen 2% of the time, but don’t be naïve to think it will happen to you. Your #1 job starting out is to go out and get them. Jack Cainfield said that “everything you want is on the other side of fear”. How true is this? Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do to get what you want. Who cares? Do it anyways and hopefully next year you’ll be able to pay someone to do it for you.

4. Keep it simple.

Most of us like to make things more complicated than they actually are, when it is actually quite simple. Most of us just need to find what makes us happy, take a chance on that thing, and be devoted to seeing it through. Whatever you business plan is, if you over complicate it for yourself, imagine how complicated it will be for your customers. Be clear on what you’re selling or offering. People love easy. They buy what they perceive as simple. People walk away when they’re confused or overwhelmed.  Be an expert at keeping it simple.  Remember that.

Dreaming about your future can be fun, but actually putting in the work with all the focus you need to see it succeed is your reward. The decisions you make before you start will be the foundation of your future success. Build wisely.