Yes you can make your own blankets

knitedThe enormous chill is at long last and all we need to do is cuddle up under a major cover. Fortunately we have the right stuff – and the yarn! – to get it going, and we need to impart them to you. A cover is only a major square or rectangle, so no development required – whoop!

For most extreme warmth and quick advance, we prescribe utilizing Crazy Sexy Wool and super stout 25mm needles – around 7-8 bundles of Crazy Sexy Wool ought to get you a little cover; twofold it for a bigger cover.

Here are two join and several strategies you might need to utilize.

Insane Sexy Wool

WATG 25mm needles

Fastener join

This present one’s for all the supreme fledglings, and also any individual who appreciates the basic things in life. It’s the join we use in our Take Me Home Blanket and Sailing Home Blanket. Anybody can weave a fastener join cover – all you have to ace is the sew line, and our strap line video instructional exercise demonstrates to you how.


In case you’re hoping to step up your weave abilities, and need something great and chic, herringbone line could be the one for you – it’s the line utilized as a part of our super-prevalent Koselig Blanket. Get to grasps with it in our herringbone join video instructional exercise.

Making stripes

Can’t choose what shade of Crazy Sexy Wool to weave with? Go for stripes. Our how to sew stripes video instructional exercise demonstrates to you industry standards to change shading and also how to convey your yarn up the side of your work. In case you’re sewing on round needles, look at our video instructional exercise for weaving single line stripes.

Include a periphery

Including a periphery is simple and will up the comfortable component of your hand-sewed cover. Keep it plain, go for a differentiation or correlative shading – or blend it up! Our periphery video instructional exercise demonstrates to you how.

Making something for your little one?

Bahama Blanket

Byron Blanket

Place of fun cover

Grins for Miles Blanket

Arm Knitted Blanket Tutorial – no needles or sewing design required!

Utilizing only your arms and no needles by any stretch of the imagination, make yourself a major, snuggly, floppy arm-sewed cover! All you need is ten bundles of Crazy Sexy Wool and to take after.

The most effective method to sew an essential cover from weaved squares

This is an incredible one for apprentices or those of you searching for some stash-busting ventures! With our buddies from social venture Knit Aid we made a simple peasy video instructional exercise demonstrating to you generally accepted methods to sew up and sew together the greater part of your squares to make one comfortable cover.

Keep comfortable, Gang!

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